Interview with Musician Hawk Percival

Hawk Percival and Friends is an up and coming artist who yields a voice with so much power in her tonal inflection that you’d think she was a small army. She goes by her artist name, but her real name is Autumn, which somehow makes her music feel even warmer having known this fact. The instrumental elements within her music melt together so beautifully with her lyrics, and
simply make the listener feel understood.. Almost as if you were talking to your best friend in the middle of the night. I would recommend anyone to check out her music because her style is so unique. Listening to Hawk Percival and Friends will do any listener some good to expand their library of experimental music! Some people think that the creative genius within music died with the 90s, 80s, and even back with the 70s, but I guarantee you that you just have to look in the right places. Hawk Percival and Friends has encompassed this characteristic of creative genius, except she is using it in the 21st century.
You can check out her music below via the player, or you can scroll to the bottom of this article for direct links! We asked Hawk Percival and Friends some burning questions, along with basic info that you’ll want to know as one of her new fans!


My personal favorite song of yours is “Intp-T” because of the lyrics, the mood of the song through the electric guitar, and the creative ebb and flow of your voice. What inspired you to write this song? And are you an INTP-T?
"Ahh, thank you! I’m glad that you enjoy this song. This track is inspired by my life as an introvert and also my MBTI test results. I think that it’s typical for people in my age range to be more group oriented or dependent on human interactions in order to understand the world around them. I’ve always felt a disconnect from people my age because I prefer solitude over group activists or group settings. I like to process things on my own and also gather my knowledge from books or ancient text instead of the people around me. This song describes how I embrace the fact that I’d rather spend a nice night at home with my dog and instruments."
For those who do not know what INTP-T means, could you explain it to them from your perspective?
"I am an INTP-T, aka The Logician. That stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. The way I explain it is that I am a book-nerd recluse who is not the best at emotional communication. It is easier for me to process things from a logical point of view rather than emotional. Emotions and emotional situations typically cause INTP-T’s to feel nervous or out of our element. Personally, the easiest way for me to understand and articulate my emotions is through music! Most INTP-T’s are musicians or scientists."
Many of our readers may be interested in knowing what your zodiac sign is and how this plays into your music. We want to know too!
"My zodiac sign is Aquarius! I am an air sign and also the oldest of the zodiac signs. We are know for being introverted and eccentric. My eccentricity definitely comes through in my music; I feel like a mad scientist when I am creating. A major theme in my songwriting is isolation and that is the Aquarius cross that we have to bear!"
What is your favorite work that you have performed, produced, or written?
"My favorite piece of work that I have done is my new song called 'Holy Grail'. I am very proud of this song because I am playing every single instrument except for drums. I felt very connected to my authentic self when writing this, and I hope that is apparent when people are listening. I want my music to go further into the Prog-Rock direction, and I really think this song captured that. I want to step away from the 'California' sound that my previous songs have."
You just released a new single in 2021 called “Dead Inside” featuring a couple other artists. Can you elaborate on what influence these artists had on this new single and what essential parts they played in making this song come into fruition?
"Honestly, they didn’t influence the track! I was trying to practice playing with other people and letting others hop on my track. I send directions to everyone before recording, so they were playing and signing things that I outlined for them. I also send a fully recorded track to them, so there is no creative input from others occurring."
What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?
"I hope that my music can help people with intense emotions feel less alone in this world. I write everything from a place of shadow feelings to help myself get to the light. I hope that my music can do the same for others. I didn’t grow up with adults that I could talk to about the things that weighed on my heart. I listened to classic rock instead and found the advice that I needed in song lyrics. I hope that my lyrics can do the same for someone."
We can see that you are talented! But we’d love to know more about what instruments you play in addition to owning vocals!
"Ahh thank you so much! I’ve been playing piano since I was seven years old and have been playing guitar since I was nine years old. I regret not practicing lead guitar playing more often. I was always shy and felt more comfortable playing rhythm. I was in orchestra for three years in middle school and I played Viola. I taught myself how to play Cello in 9th grade and I can also play Violin. String instruments have always felt like home to me, so I can pick up any string instrument and figure it out. I am trying to get better at Mandolin right now, I really enjoy medieval music. The instruments that I can’t play are brass instruments, woodwind instruments and drums. I am a huge Jethro Tull fan, and I want to learn how to play flute one day."
What prompted you, not only to get into making your own music, but to give it to the world to listen to?
"When I was seven years old, I saw the Yellow Submarine movie for the first time. The cartoon version of Paul McCartney inspired me to become a musician. I was always singing as a kid but didn’t understand what the concept of a musician or rock star was. Paul McCartney was my first example of a rock star and my seven year old self wanted to grow to be just like him. I was eight years old when I fully decided that I wanted to be a guitar player. When I was twelve, I discovered Neil Young. The first songs that I heard by him [were] 'Down by the River' and 'Old Man'. His lyrics blew my mind, and so [I] decided then that I wanted to be a songwriter like Neil Young. My middle name that I gave myself is Percival, taken from Neil Percival Young. Honestly, listening and studying classic rock, Prog-Rock, and Soul inspired me to make music and give it to the world. I want to help people the way that these artists have helped me."
Which artists are the biggest inspirations for your music?
"For my instrumentation and song structure, Jethro Tull and Todd Rundgren are my biggest influences. Todd Rundgren is blessed with the ability to write pop songs with Prog-Rock structures, and that’s something I try to capture while writing. Listening to Jethro Tull religiously taught me how to understand complex arrangements and apply that to my own songwriting. My use of classical scales in my organ parts are inspired by Jethro Tull and Rick Wakeman from Yes. The way I write melodies is inspired by my favorite tracks from the 70's. I like Hard-Rock instrumentation with Prog-Rock melodies on top. My vocal style is influenced by David Bowie, Roy Orbison, Karen Carpenter, Paul McCartney, and fantasy/medieval music."
Do you have any dream collaborations with other musicians that you’d love to come true in your lifetime?
"I would love to play with Todd Rundgren or at least play synth on one of his tracks! I would love to him as a producer, we have the same “Rock ‘n’ Roll from Outer Space” energy."
Do you prefer playing in the studio or on stage?
"I prefer playing in the studio! I prefer creating and recording over performing on stage. The only aspect of playing on stage that I like is during the performance. I always feel awkward talking in between songs, and I like to stay in the back room or a private area after playing. I call myself a studio recluse because that’s where I feel at home. I’d rather be surrounded by instruments than playing for an audience. I’ll do it if I really feel inclined to do so but I would rather lock myself in a studio and go into mad scientist mode."
What is your favorite studio to record in?
"My favorite studio to record in is Gold Diggers. It’s in east Hollywood and has very cute 70's vibes. My favorite room to record in is their big room. It used to be Slayer’s rehearsal space and the original “slayer” tag is still on the wall in there. I like history, especially music history, so I thought that was interesting."
Where can your listeners go to see you perform live? (State, country, pub names, etc.)
"I am currently focusing on studio work only and releasing videos in between songs. I will post about shows though when I [start] playing again!"
Can we look forward to any more new music soon?
"Yes! I have a single coming out called 'Holy Grail' and my album called Night Moods: Vol 1 will be out in few months."
If you could name your fans/listeners with a group name, what would it be?
"I would call them my birds. I am The Hawk, so that makes the most sense to me."
Finally, the answer that we all look forward to knowing!.. Why the hell do you like us?
"I love your clothes and the way that you tie rock music into fashion! Also I love your flared pants and jackets. You have really great stuff!"

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