Custom Request Form

Any designs created or stitched by ThunderStomp Threadz are property of ThunderStomp Threadz. Designs made as Custom Requests are available to be purchased to stay exclusive to the original customer. The fee for exclusive ownership of a ThunderStomp Threadz embroidered design is $150 that will be added to the sale price. If this fee is not paid, the Custom is eligible to be sold to any other customers at any point in time under the terms of ThunderStomp Threadz. See ourTerms and Conditions, Section 9.

there are


Bring your personality and love for music to your clothing
Each item is specially made for you

From my hands to yours

This isn't Amaz*n. This isn't wasteful. This isn't imported. THIS IS USA-MADE AND HAND CUSTOMIZED slow fashion

just for you.

Photos from our Customers

These are some of the great photos that customers have sent in to us! They are all having a blast rockin' their Custom threadz!