Denim Wash/Style Examples

When you are looking to order a Custom jacket from our shop, this is one of the first places you may want to look! This page will show you examples of the different denim washes that we offer. We are an eco-friendly brand, meaning that we recycle materials to create our Custom jackets; because of this, our denim washes vary slightly with each order. Despite the small variation in shade, we can still show you what your denim choice on your order will resemble!

Our standard denim washes are: Blackwash, Darkwash, Lightwash

We also offer Custom Dyed Colors and Acid-Washed at your request. You will need to submit a Custom Denim Request to get a custom color or acid washed.

You will also be able to see the difference between our two styles of denim: Longsleeve and Vest.

Denim Wash Options



These example photos of the denim washes on both longsleeves and vests will help you decide!

longsleeve denim washesvest denim washes


Custom Color Examples

When you know you don't want a standard denim wash, you can look here for some examples of Custom Colors that you may want on your item. All Custom Colors are hand dyed and naturally have variance, but we are skilled in creating the perfect shade for you.



Examples of Shade Variance

As we mentioned before, with hand-dyeing there is a natural variation from one custom item to the next even if the same color is requested. Here is an example photo showing how our Dark Wash Denim may variate between each dyed item.



We hope this guide was helpful to you! Don't hesitate to contact us via the floating bubble at the bottom right of your screen or at with any questions or concerns.

If you need multiple Customs for a band order, please contact me at for guidance!
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