Processing Times

If you are ordering a Custom vest, jacket, or outfit please order in advance. The only items that are readily able to ship out are the Vintage Style Tees, These Ready-to-Ship Customs, and any items Under $20.

PLEASE NOTE that the shipping time is not the processing time!

Your order is custom-made and takes typically 1-3 days to make, but the important thing to note is that all Customs are made in the order that they are received in! If there are 30 people in front of you, then I will make those orders before I get to yours to be as fair as possible.

I do understand though, that you may want your Custom for a specific event. I recognize dates that you mention in your order notes, and work towards getting your Custom to you by the specified date as long as it is ordered at least five weeks before the specified date. In order for this to be valid, you have to mention this date in your order notes when you make the initial order. I and my two assistants work weekdays and weekends. 

If you find yourself in a bind and need your Custom soon but didn't leave your specified date in your order notes (5 weeks in advance), I can work with you to get your Custom to you sooner. You will need to pay an urgency fee in order to have me make your Custom sooner (since I'll have to work overtime and bump you up as well). This is the most fair method that I have found works out for everyone. Thank you for your understanding, and please know that only one set of hands are making these special items for you to cherish.

You can email me at to ask any questions on when your order is estimated to arrive.