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What to do if the charity I want to donate to is not an option?

We have a set amount of non-profit organizations that we host as options. You get to designate a portion of our revenue from your order to the charity of your choice from this list. Because we only work with a limited number of non-profits, we can not list every organization that may be requested from our #rockandrollarmy.  There is a chance that we may add a charity that you requested to our list, but there is no guarantee. If you would like to make a request for us to add a specific non-profit to our list, please email with the details.

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How to Pay with Apple Pay and Troubleshooting

You may have an issue occurring after you enter your discount code at checkout when the Apple Pay button disappears. So, what you can do to combat this issue you're having is to first enter your discount code, then if you see that the Apple Pay button has disappeared, just refresh your checkout page and your order with your discount should still be there along with the Apple Pay button. Then just hit the Apple Pay button. Another common reason that Apple Pay may not be working for you at checkout is if the card that you have attached to your Apple Pay account is expired or has been closed. Check to make sure that you have the correct card...

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