About Us

Because we love good quality clothing, retro-style design, and vintage textures, all of our items are custom-made and built to last, and they will not crack or peel away- they are sewn into the fabric itself and made to rock&roll. We use a plethora of sewing techniques when making our items, but the most common techniques we use are standard embroidery and chainstitching. Our Custom Denim is referred to as an heirloom piece because it can be handed down through the generations! We want to make sure that we give you great quality items that are inspired by the legendary musical influences of the past and present. If you're here, we know you love to rock&roll, and we want to make sure that you can have that concert-worthy, custom-made item when you go out. If you feel the music in your soul, you want others to feel it too. Let's spread the love and the rock&roll!


ThunderStomp Threadz was started by a young entrepreneur and artist, Megan (that's me). I grew from a childhood that had many ups and many harsh downs, and that led me to developing an extremely tight bond with music at a young age. As my relationship with music quickly built, I became enthralled with 60's and 70's rock and roll culture. I depended on God to help me through life, but I definitely welcomed my affinity of music too. I was always criticized by my peers as the "hippie," and while they meant it derogatorily, I was very accepting and happy with myself. I have always been a Beatles and Jefferson Airplane gal at my core.

owner at ThunderStomp Threadz

Fast forward.. I am running ThunderStomp Threadz and traveling across the USA to hug barricades and rock my customwear brand. That was always my dream, and I worked my absolute hardest to get here. I made ThunderStomp Threadz to be a unique apparel brand just for concert goers and musicians who are truly in love with music like me. I also built it to be based on sustainability, and I acheived that by making my customs from recycled materials. What my customers end up with is a gorgeous, handmade item that was sustainably made... what more can you ask for! 

Another part of ThunderStomp Threadz that I am proud of is our ThunderStomp Threadz Artist Program. In this program, we work with young, upcoming artists who have mad skills to help them start their portfolio. We do this by working with them on art campaigns, compensating/funding some of their first transactions as artists, and more. 

Another benefit of shopping with ThunderStomp Threadz is our carbon-free shipping on Customs and Flares. I spent about a year researching and planning how to get this done because it was that important to me. So, I am proud to be able to offer this on Customs, Flare/Bell Bottoms, Vintage-Style Sweatshirts, and Concert Set orders.

I am just as proud of our dedication at ThunderStomp Threadz to donate to a charity of the customer's choosing with each order! We have been able to help so many people with our daily contributions to non-profit organizations!

ThunderStomp Threadz has a rich history for being founded in 2015. With an entrepreneurial band-aid as the owner, you wouldn't think there'd be much time for making these handmade pieces while I'm busy traveling between concerts. But this is why there are many unreleased designs, some of which have been touched by rockstars. So, if you ever have any questions of interest or would like to interview us, feel free to contact us at inquire@thunderstompthreadz.com

You can check out ThunderStomp Threadz Instagram at @thunderstompthreadz 

Megan at Red Rocks Concert GVF