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What's shakin' people,

We wanted to just briefly make a short post about why we have a blog on here. We started this to be able to share things with you like concert news, fan fave items in our shop, musical feats, favorite customer photos of the week, accepting new ideas or custom requests for our custom-made shop items, ETC! You will be able to comment on our blog posts after creating an account on ThunderStomp Threadz! (Which takes about one minute or less depending on if you have guitar player fingers or not.) So sign up and join our peaceful community discussing musical influences we all love!

We would love for you to sign up to be alerted via RSS feed if you use that (by clicking the little icon right beside the blog title on this page) any time we post to the blog.

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  • Annette

    I’d like to see something with Def Leppard on it!! I love my Joplin trousers, thanks for fast shipping! Will be back for a jean jacket and I look forward to posting some concert info in your blog…Im an avid concert goer.

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