Update for Christmas 2021

Hi #rockandrollarmy members, 

We wanted to make a public announcement letting you know that we are now booked through Christmas for all jacket, vest, and full outfit orders. This includes Custom Requests and any Customs already listed on our site. If you were wanting to get something for Christmas, please consider taking a look at our vintage-style tees and giftcards! As a small business, we appreciate your shopping small. Each order is custom-made specifically for you so we can't overbook orders unless you'd like to pay an urgency fee for us to work overtime to get it to you! Please email us at inquire@thunderstompthreadz.com if you have any questions.

If you want a Custom for the upcoming new year, we strongly advise you to put in your order in advance as we typically have long wait times since each item is custom-made and there will always be people in front of you in line.

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