Custom Request Process

If you've just made your Custom Request and paid your deposit, and you'd like to know more about what you can expect throughout the Custom Request process, keeping reading below.

The process for Custom orders goes as follows:
For our protection, we charge three deposits while getting your Custom prepared.
  • Deposit one is so we can obtain your jacket/vest/coat and do any fabric dying or other customizations. You will receive photos of it for your approval before moving to the next step.
  • Deposit two is so we can design the request. You will receive photos of it for your approval before moving to the next step. We make sure that you are happy with how the design looks before moving forward.
  • Deposit three is so we can begin the embroidery on your Custom! You'll also receive photos of the finished piece after this step!
  • What remains after the three deposits of $25 is the remaining balance which is based on how long it takes me to embroider your item plus any extra features you'd like added. For reference or ballpark ranges of the remaining balance, you can look at other jackets listed on my site. 
I offer multiple interest-free payment plans through ShopPay/Afterpay or PayPal Pay in 4. Each of the deposits occurs for each segment of work that I do to make your Custom; so, that is why they are non-refundable. 
Now you know the basic structure of the Custom Request process! If you have any other questions, you can email
I and my team can't wait to get your custom item to you!
Note: Any designs created by ThunderStomp Threadz are property of ThunderStomp Threadz. Designs made as Custom Requests are available to be purchased to stay exclusive to the original customer. The fee for exclusive ownership of a ThunderStomp Threadz embroidered design is $150 that will be added to the sale price. If this fee is not paid, the Custom is elegible to be sold to any other customers at any point in time under the terms of ThunderStomp Threadz.
If you need multiple Customs for a band order, please contact me at for guidance!
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