New Artist- Meet Kayla!

ThunderStomp Threadz Artists

Kayla created the design art for our Hypnotica Custom! This custom is inspired by the band Greta Van Fleet. If you are a Greta fan, you'll love her psychedelic twist on this portrait art of Sam Kiszka, the band's bassist. You can see her artwork that we transformed into a jacket that she can wear and make money from! You can shop this jacket and see more photos at the end of the article.

ThunderStomp Threadz ArtistsThunderStomp Threadz Artists

ThunderStomp Threadz ArtistsThunderStompThreadzArtists

ThunderStomp Threadz ArtistsThunderStomp Threadz Artists


If you would like the opportunity to be a ThunderStomp Threadz Artist like Kayla, click here to learn more!

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