TST Artists Program

Another part of ThunderStomp Threadz that I am proud of is our ThunderStomp Threadz Artist Program. In this program, we work with young, upcoming artists who have mad skills to help them start their portfolio. We do this by working with them on art campaigns, compensating/funding some of their first transactions as artists, and more! Some of our TST artists are now doing much bigger art commissions for organizations like MTV or John Lennon's catalogue or so many other fantastic bands in need of a media artist! This program is truly a safe and impactful jumpstart for any young artist. Our brand is watched fondly by many large names in the music industry, and you are bound to be noticed.

Interested in applying to our TST Artists Program? Click here to start your journey.

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Bring your personality and love for music to your clothing

Band Order

If everyone in your band wants a killer Custom! Typically for Customs that are somewhat similar designs amongst your band members. If you all want something wildly different, that's okay too! Portfolio & pricing sheet will be provided.

Band order

High Profile Single Order

If you're a lone ranger musician and you want a supremely unique Custom embroidered piece. The possibilities are endless; so let's talk! Portfolio & pricing sheet will be provided upon request.

High-Profile Single Order

Custom Request Order

You don't have to be in a band or be a musician to get rockstar-level threadz. We love making Customs for fans just as much as for bands. If you want something unique, then you're in the perfect place.

Custom Request Order